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Mirth Control Comedy have introduced The Diary Room, a scheme by which acts and bookers can benefit (free of charge) from a shared need ... to fill gaps in their schedules.

A club is filling a gap due to an act cancellation or simply booking a show at short notice (up to one month).

An act has a free night and would prefer to work but has no way of telling who is on the lookout for a comic that evening.

They meet in 'The Diary Room' and solve both problems at once. Acts can log on and fill in one month's availability on the site, this information is NOT displayed to anyone, but stored within the system, to be triggered by DATE SPECIFIC requests from would-be bookers who simply log in and punch in a date that they wish to source an act for. The system will then produce a full list of all acts who are available on that particular night. From that list the booker can choose and contact the act they would like to use, using the contact details that act has logged into the system. The Diary Room can be used by individual acts ranging from newcomers seeking open mic spots to headliners who play the best rooms, the principle is the same across the board.

Mirth Control have now expanded the system to enable us to book acts into our 85 UK venues more effectively.Acts can now log an EXTRA 8 months availability into the system to be viewed SOLELY by our bookers for the purposes of offering bookings at these clubs.This will be OUR PRIMARY METHOD of booking acts for all venues from here forward.

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